Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Power of Gray

Gray has become a staple in interior design. The neutral hue pairs well with other basic tones like black and white, but can also play as a soothing backdrop to brighter pops of color. The blog Made By Girl, recently posted about the prevalence of gray in design, and we think some of our products would fit right in with this soothing design trend. (http://madebygirl.blogspot.com/2012/11/design-grays-in-decor.html)

My Chic Nest's Sheila Headboard

The Sheila is sophisticated and feminine, without any unnecessary frills. Its elegant lines are timelessly chic.
My Chic Nest's Kate Headboard

The Kate includes tufting detail and chic scalloped border, which makes for a classic and timeless design.

My Chic Nest's Brett Headboard

If Don Draper had a bed in his office, this would surely be his headboard! We took a page from the sleek minimalism of midcentury modern design with this headboard, highlighting the clean lines and sophisticated simplicity of the era.

My Chic Nest's Jared Chair

The stately silhouette of the Jared gives this piece a weighty comfort and sophistication. Sitting low to the ground with wide cushion, the Jared commands any room.

My Chic Nest's Jaime Chair

The Jaime is as versatile as it is handsome. The sharp geometric lines of the stainless steel arms and legs are perfectly juxtaposed with soft upholstery and cozy cushions.

My Chic Nest's Sterling Sofa

We have studied the sets of Mad Men to create great pieces like the Sterling, a modern take on that imitatable 1960's mod style. 

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